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Build 31460 to 32271 addresses Patch Notes for Revelations 1.4.3

Fixes and Improvements

Eve Voice
- It is now possible to use the middle mouse button to talk without EVE having focus.
- Port can be specified by adding voiceport = 5062 to prefs.ini file.
- The tab of the channel which the player is logged into is now green.
- The Troubleshooter can be run from settings.
- The 'Move to top always on regardless of settings' issue has been fixed.

- Changes to the Overview coding have been made in an effort to resolve overview display issues. If Overview display issues persist, please submit a bug report and include a logserver log if possible. Please see this forum thread for more information on bug reporting.
- A number of recently discovered and announced exploits will be resolved.

STO: Scherbe - Lifetime wink / EVE: Scherbe (EVE-DC CEO im Ruhestand) / EQ2: inaktiv / SWG: inaktiv
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